Published: Fri, September 15, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

Elon Musk just made a SpaceX FAIL video

Elon Musk just made a SpaceX FAIL video

Musk delivered on that promise today (Sept. 14), with the debut of a video just over 2 minutes long that's filled with blowups set to the cheerful "Monty Python" theme song.

Starting with an attempted ocean barge landing in September 2013, the SpaceX clip goes through a series of other explosive failures and the accompanying text provides a brief explanation for what went wrong in each of the instances.

The video shows a range of issues, including exploding rockets, engine sensor failures and a sticky throttle valve. "It's just a scratch".

Now, since December 2015, the company has landed a total of 16 rockets, on either a landing platform at sea or its helicopter-like landing pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, turning what was once a jaw-dropping and unprecedented bit of aerial artistry into a somewhat ho-hum, to-be-expected exercise. And CEO Elon Musk shared previously unseen footage late Wednesday night that is a compilation of explosive videos of the rocket landings gone wrong.

Here's what one of those successful landings looked like. That was SpaceX flight 20 of the Falcon 9 rocket version Orbcomm OG2 M2.

In a June 2016, he booster ran out of propellant resulting in another failed attempt. A couple of weeks ago, the company revealed that it had successfully tested the first-stage booster for the Falcon Heavy. But as SpaceX's video shows, it was a hard and painful path.

SpaceX may soon have enough successes to make an anti-blooper reel.

As of January 2017, SpaceX landing rocket missions are no longer considered "experimental".

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