Published: Fri, September 15, 2017
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Record number of people arrested for terrorism-related offences in Britain

Record number of people arrested for terrorism-related offences in Britain

54 of the suspects were women, the figures revealed - a record 14 per cent.

The figure, the highest since data collection began in 2001, shows that on average more than one arrest was made per day.

It includes dozens of people held in swoops in the wake of the horrific attacks in London and Manchester, earlier this year.

And there was one arrest following another attack in June, when a van was driven into worshippers near a mosque in north London, killing one man.

The Manchester Arena bombing and multiple London attacks drove the number of terror-related arrests in the United Kingdom to a record 379 over the past year, new figures show - but less than a third of those arrests led to terrorism charges.

This marked a 68% increase in the number of arrests compared to the same period a year ago - when there were 226 terrorism-related arrests.

Of all the arrests that were made, just under a third resulted in a charge and half were released.

Home Office terrorism arrests
Home Office

By ethnicity, the number who were white more than doubled from 66 to 122 and the number of Asians rose by 116 to 168. He explained: "That's why we're looking at such a high number, but they are still pretty significant".

There was also a leap in arrests for "domestic" terrorism, up from 10 in the year to June 2016 to 52 in the latest period.

The new figures show a 60% jump in arrests linked to global terrorism, from 184 to 294.

The 420% increase in terrorism with no global or Northern Island related links comes amid mounting concern over far-right extremism.

Police and MI5 are running 500 investigations involving 3,000 individuals at any one time, while there are also 20,000 former "subjects of interest" whose risk must be kept under review.

Nineteen terrorist plots have been thwarted in the last four years, including six since the Westminster attack in March.

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