Published: Fri, September 15, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

US weighs sanctions relief while bemoaning Iran's behaviour

US weighs sanctions relief while bemoaning Iran's behaviour

We respectfully urge that you, as our elected representatives in a co-equal branch of government, do everything in Congress' power to prevent Donald Trump from dismantling the Iran nuclear deal and from escalating towards a disastrous war with Iran.

While global inspectors have found Iran is meeting requirements to limit its nuclear program, Tillerson said Thursday in London that it's violating aspirational language in the deal's preface about regional peace and security.

The experts warned Trump that "unilateral action by the United States, especially on the basis of unsupported contentions of Iranian cheating, would isolate the United States".

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Under U.S. law, the president must certify to Congress every 90 days whether Iran is adhering to the agreement.

Tillerson, who has borne the brunt of Trump's frustration for certifying the deal twice so far this year, has to make his recommendation to the president before October 15, when Trump must again notify Congress whether Iran is complying with the accord.

"Access under the Additional Protocol will be used by the IAEA to verify at undeclared sites that no unapproved nuclear activity is occurring".

While the White House finishes its Iran policy review, a vocal campaign against any possibility of decertifying the agreement is underway, led by Obama administration officials.

In exchange for Tehran rolling back its nuclear program, the US and other world powers agreed to suspend wide-ranging oil, trade and financial penalties that had choked the Iranian economy.

"Iran is subject to the world's most robust nuclear verification regime".

Trump faces another deadline on Thursday on the nuclear accord. The administration is expected to keep the sanctions relief in place, but a debate is raging about what comes next. The president must decide whether to continue to waive a series of economic sanctions that were lifted under the deal, or to reimpose them.

With more hawkish voices no longer holding senior positions in the White House and the deadline approaching, opponents are vying for the president's ear, promoting their stance in the public arena.

"This was not an agreement between two countries, I have repeated it time and again and I have the impression that we will need to repeat it time and again in the months to come", she added, apparently referring to the increasing American rhetoric and hostile acts against the deal".

The Trump White House's threats to dismantle the JCPOA are tremendously unsafe for the USA and the entire world.

The proposal is created to address "a range of concerns about decertification, including the big "what happens next" question", said the source who had discussed the memo with congressional offices. Trump has criticized the deal, but some of his top advisers believe he should preserve it.

The nuclear sanctions waivers are America's part of the deal's central bargain.

But with Trump having recently sent less-than-subtle signals that he aims to ditch the agreement, those who played an outsize role in brokering it were issuing dire warnings about what that would mean for both United States credibility and regional stability.

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