Published: Sat, September 16, 2017
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Simran review: A feisty Kangana canvas but it won't steal your heart

Simran review: A feisty Kangana canvas but it won't steal your heart

Information from her personal life and controversial past gave us some juicy gossip, and her film Simran, where she plays the titular role aka Praful Patel, promises an equally exciting and interesting character.

Shot like sunshines by Anuj Rakesh Dhawan and ornamented with soothing music by Sachin-Jigar, the film's production values won't let you down. The movie released today and everyone is loving it. Simran in Kangana Ranaut's latest film in which she plays a quirky, high spirited and care- free girl who has transformed from a coy and docile after her divorce. The only place where she falters - and this is as much a fault of the direction as her acting - is in a rather silly scene that has her peeping into the window of a bank, where she looks a bit like a cartoon character. Praful Patel is so drenched in the mannerisms that we have come to associate with Kangana post Queen, that it is hard to look at this Gujarati divorcee as a complete person on her own without letting Ranaut take over. The movie tries to be a character centric movie at one point, and tries to be a serious thriller at other point of time. She wins her first stint and goes back for more later. "Kangana's earlier performances - be it Queen or Tanu Weds Manu - have appealed also because they were backed by a solid supporting cast which is clearly amiss in Simran".

In the mainstream Bollywood space, Simran treads where only a few films have before.

Moreover, there are some few songs in the movie, which you will surely not like to take home after the films get over. It is not that our screens are getting affected because of them or vice versa.

The same holds true for her role in Simran too. Soon, she finds herself deeper in trouble than ever before. The filmmaker doesn't even have another noteworthy star on celluloid to share the limelight.

She said the child sex ratio in the state had also taken a hit with some of the districts reported the ratio at below 500.

That said, the only way one can get by the film without yawning is by actively regaling at how Ranaut manages to breathe bursts of energy into a limp storytelling. "Though this will make you laugh your heart out". She spreads her wings like the tiny butterflies in her stomach and flies, but Simran does not take off. She has average Indian parents - ones who want the daughter to start paying for some household bills and also get married. Marked by a sparkling performance by its lead, the film is definitely charming in parts.But can it, like its tagline says, break free and fly?

The National Award-winning actress was present here at the Jagran Cinema Summit on Friday.

Well, seems like there is no ambiguity about Simran as far as critics' reviews are concerned.

When we see and hear so much being talked and written about Kangana Ranaut nowadays, we feel the women of Bollywood have come of age. And that's disappointing, considering that's exactly not what a film about a woman on the run from gambling mafia should be like.

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