Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
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Frank Vincent's Body Cremated for Memorial Presentation

Frank Vincent's Body Cremated for Memorial Presentation

Vincent also appeared in "Raging Bull", "Casino" and "Do the Right Thing". In the wake of Vincent's death Wednesday at the age of 80, Scorsese has shared his remembrance of the actor in a written statement to THR.

According to ABC 2 News, Vincent's family has stated that he died peacefully on Wednesday, September 13.

Scorsese is one of many Hollywood figures to pay tribute to Vincent, who had suffered a recent heart attack and was in dire condition before dying during open-heart surgery.

With his strong chin, manicured hair and steely glare, Vincent could bring an air of menace to nearly any atmosphere - an ability that he later played off of in cameos in rap music videos and ads for light beer.

Depending on your mafia drama of choice, Vincent was either best known as Billy Batts in Goodfellas or Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos. (Pesci plays guitar.) The two had once worked up a comedy act.

"We were like the Smothers Brothers", Vincent told

Frank Vincent is survived by his wife, Katherine; daughters Debra and Maria; son Anthony; two grandchildren; and three siblings. In that film, Vincent's character is beaten up in the Copacabana by Pesci's Joey LaMotta. As Billy Batts, a gangster who crosses paths with Pesci's Tommy DeVito, Robert De Niro's Jimmy Conway, and Ray Liotta's Henry Hill, Vincent cast a large shadow over his scenes with a profane energy only matched by Pesci. His initial approach to the arts came through music - he was a drummer who played in both clubs and recording sessions, where he backed artists such as Paul Anka, Del Shannon and Trini Lopez, according to his biography. Thanks to his exceptional work in fantastic films and TV series, Vincent's legacy will live on indefinitely.

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