Published: Mon, September 25, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Milo Yiannopoulos Undeterred By UC Berkeley Cancellation Of 'Free Speech Week'

Milo Yiannopoulos Undeterred By UC Berkeley Cancellation Of 'Free Speech Week'

Organizers of a proposed "Free Speech Week" demonstration at the University of California, Berkeley, that was put together by the outspoken conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, said the event has been canceled.

"The situation at UC Berkeley has become downright physically risky this past year for conservative students who merely wish to exercise their God given rights to freedom of speech and association that are enshrined in the Constitution", alleged Marguerite Melo, one of the attorneys representing the Berkeley Patriot, in the complaint.

His announcement only added to a confusing turn of events surrounding "Free Speech Week", a four-day campus event slated to begin Sunday featuring right-wing firebrands... The student organization was provided with contracts for the rental of two large indoor venues week ago, in mid August.

"Claims that this is somehow".

"It is extremely unfortunate that this announcement was made at the last minute, even as the University was in the process of spending significant sums of money and preparing for substantial disruption of campus life in order to provide the needed security for these events", Assistant Vice Chancellor Dan Mogulof said in a statement.

"The student organization Berkeley Patriot has indicated through its outside legal counsel that they have canceled all events due to take place from September 24-27", the announcement read on the school's website.

Yiannopoulos said he will still be on campus to speak regardless. That iconic setting, and the school's reputation as a politically liberal campus, have made it a magnet for controversial speakers this year. That plan went up in smoke Saturday when the student group withdrew its sponsorship of the four-day conservative political event.

A spokesman for the university said the school had prepared to spend up to $1 million on additional security for anticipated protests by students. "A lot of these speakers have withdrawn".

Faculty members are divided over the event, with many saying the university must defend free speech and respond to hate speech. "And the university couldn't guarantee our speakers would be safe".

Anyone hoping the demise of Free Speech Week means they won't have to hear about him anymore will be disappointed, Yiannopoulos added, since he is launching an global Troll Academy tour. "We are going to cancel". "We're just trying to learn". I respect their difference of opinion, but I think they're deeply misguided about what kinds of people we are. "But my clients didn't want to be responsible, even morally, if something happened".

At attorney for students from Berkeley Patriot, the student group that invited Yiannopoulos, wrote in a letter to campus officials that the students had been "subjected to extraordinary pressure and resistance, if not outright hostility", from university officials since announcing their intention to host the event.

Over the last few days, student bulletin boards on Sproul Plaza were papered with fliers calling on counter-protesters to "Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos", saying his brand of inflammatory speech against Muslims, immigrants, women and transgender people was hateful and should not be allowed.

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