About Us


The FrontLineDesk covers occasions that happen and are of enthusiasm to the occupants of our group. It covers: culture, technology, sports, science, health news and much more. It additionally gives a commercial center to nearby organizations to promote their products and administrations.

The FrontLineDesk additionally gives an authority part to such causes as the two nearby nourishment banks by supporting a sustenance drive and the situation of destitute understudies with an attire drive. It likewise gives data about different substances that host gift drives for neighborhood social reasons.

The frontlinedesk.com is an autonomous, free, day-by-day content. It was established in 2003 by FrontLineDesk In 2009, the daily paper moved into an office that houses a 12-unit daily paper web press, which maintains The frontlinedesk.com and also prints different daily papers on an agreement premise. Contact can be edited on the mailbox: info@frontlinedesk.com